BEE’s highest ever 5-star Rating in India for Avani Riverside Mall at Kolkata

To create a market pull for energy efficient buildings, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, Government of India (BEE) has developed a voluntary Star Rating programme for commercial buildings, which is based on the actual performance of a building in terms of its specific energy usage measured in kwh/sqm/year. This programme rates buildings on a 1-5 Star scale, with 5 Star labeled buildings being the most efficient. The labeling scheme is currently applicable to commercial buildings in the categories of Day Use Office buildings, BPOs and Shopping Malls in different climatic zones.
Considering that the sectoral consumption of electricity is about 34% of the total consumption in India, Star rating programme is designed to motivate building owners to move towards efficient mode of operations thereby resulting in reduced electricity bills and improved comforts. So far, more than 150 buildings have been awarded star label under various building categories, which has resulted in about 50 MW avoided capacity. Considering that addition of each MW of electricity on the generation side costs Rupees 6-7 Crore/MW, merely by adopting low cost energy efficiency measures has yielded a monetary capital expenditure savings of about Rupees 350 Crore for the country. The annual electrical savings accruing to these star-rated building owners is staggering. Adoption of the scheme by all commercial buildings would have a greater impact on the overall economy in view of demand supply shortfall of the strategic resource like electricity, which our country is currently facing.
Avani Riverside Mall established in November, 2011 on banks of River Hooghly, Kolkata, is the first shopping mall in the country that has been recognized by the government for its endeavor towards incorporating energy efficiency measures resulting in the award of the highest ever 5-star label. Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Dr Ajay Mathur himself presented the 5-star label to Sri Vimal Goel , President – Corporate, Avani Group in a ceremony on 31st August, 2013 at Kolkata. This mall has achieved an EPI (Average Annual Energy Performance Index) value of 185.62 kWh/sqm/annum in comparison to usual EPI for Shopping Malls, which is 400 kwh/sqm/annum. It has been achieved by implementing various energy efficiency measures like:
  • High efficiency Water-Cooled Chillers, VFD at Secondary Pumps & AHUs, Heat Recovery Units & Motorized proportionate control valves in AHUs.
  • Fully Integrated Building Management System for effective management of Building Resources.
  • CO2/CO sensor based Demand Controlled Ventilation for Fresh Air intakes.
  • Waste recycled RO water used in Chiller Condenser (open) and closed loop.
  • Automated chemical dosing for Chiller Condenser Circuit.
  • Sensors for AHU Air Filter clogging for timely cleaning.
  • Building Envelope Doors limit switch used for alarm and prevention of air-leakages.
  • Use of CLC heat insulation bricks in the entire building envelope.
  • Low window wall ration design. Window exposed to Air-conditioned area restricted to less than 1%.
  • Heat island eliminated by using light colored tiles & gardening at terrace.
  • Solar water heater installed for F&B usage.
  • PLC operated fully automated water treatment plant.
  • Motion sensors / Photo Sensors / Timers / Limit Switches / Controllers installed for fully automated operation of the entire indoor and outdoor lighting of the Mall Building.
  • Energy Saving Devise working on principals of reducing input voltage while maintaining lux levels in the entire indoor / outdoor lighting circuits.
  • LED lamps in strategic locations.
  • Energy Metering System for centralized energy reading and monitoring all the entire Mall Building.
  • APFC in the Main panel for optimizing Power Factor.
  • Motion sensor based operation of Escalators to avoid dry run.
Dr. Mathur appreciated the initiatives taken by Avani Riverside Mall and recognised the commitment of the top management and theirs’ endeavor towards implementation of energy efficiency measures in Mall construction and its operation. He suggested that energy saving achieved by the mall is direct benefit to shopkeepers, user of mall, mall owners and to the country as a whole. EPI indicator creates a demand for energy efficient malls and motivates developers toward energy efficient construction and operation. He said that he feels honoured to present this Award to Avani Riverside Mall and hope it will spur other Malls in the country to follow the model.
If the base line EPI index of 450 is to be compared, Avani Riverside Mall is efficient by about 59%, which implies an annual energy bill reduction of roughly Rupees Nine Crore every year.
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